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Happy To Help is a Panic / Duress Button To Help Staff of any organization Safe from rude, misbehaving customers. Happy To Help button is the original on-screen panic/duress button suitable in all workplace environments which can be discreetly activated to request immediate assistance from colleagues. Should your staff feel threatened or find themselves in a potentially vulnerable and worrying situation, a simple click on the Happy To Help icon ensures an immediate alert is sent out via the duress alarm system.

Why Choose Hss Panic Button Software

  • It works – a timely response prevents the incident becoming worse.
  • Easy to install – Visit our website and download the software.
  • Easy to use – the button can be accessed quickly in an emergency due to the fact it floats on top of all running processes and applications.
  • Discreet – the panic/duress alarm system can be raised in your business without the assailant knowing.
  • Low Cost – the duress alarm system uses your existing computers and networks which keeps costs low.
  • Always available – its there when you log on to your PC.


  • Clearly displays HELP location.
  • Those receiving the alert will be informed of the number of other users available to respond to the alarm.
  • Optional Audible Alarm.
  • Alert displays a log of who has responded and when so users can decide whether to also respond.
  • Discreetly lets you know as soon as someone responds to your request.
  • Indicates if there are no colleagues available to respond.
  • Available when screensaver active.
  • Option to alert only certain teams or colleagues
  • Easy to reconfigure.

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