Queue Management System (QMS) Digital Signage System (DSS)

Queue Management System (QMS)

QMS is a unique set of tools and systems that assists in controlling patient flow, reduces waiting time and enhances Patient Experience.

  • Managing Patient Flow
  • Reduces Waiting Time
  • Implement Social Distancing Queuing for Patients
  • Minimize the Risk of Virus-spread in your Facilities
  • Enhances Overall Patient Experience
  • Increase in patient inflow due to recommendations by satisfied patients.
  • Using the data generated through QMS to optimize Customer Service & delight Patients.

Digital Signage System (DSS)

Our Digital Signage System aims towards creating Superior Customer Experience that complements the Products & Services.

  • Promote new products, offers, and Sale
  • Run Store details & advertisements
  • Drive impulse buying by promoting hard-to-sell products
  • Customers are auto-assisted
  • Centralized & Easy Content Control
  • Easy to Operate

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