Mobile Apps

Our Team Creates Custom Mobile Application Solution That Perfectly Matches To Our Client’s Individual Needs. With A Diverse Experience In Working On Mobile Application Projects From Different Domains Like – Health, CRM, Field Staff Management, Administrative Departments, Corporates, NGO’s And Educational Institutes, We Know How To Design A Solution That Can Best Solve Your Purpose. Our Customized Mobile Services Have Not Only Helped Clients Enjoy A Better Platform To Interact, But Has Enhanced Their Operational Efficiency Too. We Work On Concepts And Ideas That Create An Innovative Solution For Our Clients.

Mobile App Types

Field Staff Tracking
3-D Games (UNITY)
Panic Button
Mall Navigation
Inventory & Billing
Event Management


  • Build, deploy and manage mobile apps on android and iOS devices
  • Manage storage for Blobs, Tables & Queues
  • Data services and other integrations
  • Push notification with Firebase

Technologies & Platforms



Android studio

IOS studio




Android classes

IOS classes

.Net secure APIs integrations

Mobile Apps Development

The steps included in a systems lifecycle for developing cloud applications.

  • Planning: Identifying a need, consideration of solution options, and possibly considering the features of mobile apps.
  • Analysis: Documenting the functional requirements for the app and anticipating potential problems that may be encountered.
  • Design: Defining how the app will work and what features and components it will have.
  • Construction: This is where the actual programming occurs using the requirements and design as a guideline.
  • Testing: Try out the app looking for errors and confirming that documented requirements are met.
  • Implementation: deploy and publish for app stores


Build, deploy and publish mobile apps for android at Google Play Store and for IOS at Apple stores.