1. Do you provide only hospital software or software for my clinic?

Ans. HospitalSoftwareShop.com provides software for doctors’ clinics, hospitals, nursing homes, pathology labs, diagnostic centers and blood banks. In addition, HospitalSoftwareShop.com also provides software for specialists including Consulting Physicians, Cardiologists, Nephrologists, Gastrologists, Pediatricians, Gynecologists, Ophthalmologists, Andrologists and many other streams.

2. Is working on your software time consuming?

Ans. Not at all, in fact you will reduce average time spent on patients by around 15-20%. If you are currently seeing say 50 patients every day, after using HospitalSoftwareShop.com, you will be able to see 60 patients every day.

3. I am not very good at typing will I be able to use your clinic software?

Ans. HospitalSoftwareShop.com software products are designed in a manner which requires minimum typing, most of the information is pre-loaded into the software and you have to select them.

4. Will I be able to use your software on my laptop or existing computer, or I will be required to buy a new one?

Ans. HospitalSoftwareShop.com software products are designed in a manner which requires minimum typing, most of the information is pre-loaded into the software and you have to select them.

5. Will I be required to buy any other software to run your clinic software?

Ans. No, you don’t need to buy any additional software, just need to have Windows Operating system.

6. Do you provide the dosage etc. in regional languages, as it takes time to explain the prescription to the patients?

Ans. Our research has shown that patients need to be explained the prescription, particularly the dosage and basic precautions / instructions. HospitalSoftwareShop.com software products support the dosage and instructions mentioned in regional languages. This saves the precious time.

7. Do I need an internet connection to run the software?

Ans. No, you don’t need internet connection to run the software.

8. Is it true that by using Infosoft HIS Mini

Ans. Yes, definitely, you save highly valuable time in; a. Writing the prescription, b. Explaining the prescription dosage, c. Explaining the instructions, d. Trying to recollect the patient’s history.

9. Most of the patient entries are done at my reception, while I enter only the prescriptions? Will I be required to buy two software licenses for the same?

Ans. No, you do not need to buy two licenses to run the software. We will configure your setup in such a manner that receptionist will feed in patient’s demographic details, while you write only the prescription.

10. Is using Infosoft HIS Mini safe and secure?

Ans. Yes, the patient data is absolutely safe and secure. Auto-backup facility is available which keeps the data safe even when a computer system crashes down.

11. If my computer is formatted after installing Infosoft HIS Mini, will my important patient data be lost?

Ans. No, your patient data be safe even after formatting, as normally the C:/ drive in which the Windows operating system is installed, is formatted, while HospitalSoftwareShop.com software are installed on D:/ or E:/ drives.

12. If I have a problem using Infosoft HIS Mini after I purchase, how will you help me?

Ans We provide support in numerous forms depending on the requirements; a. Telephonic support, b. Remote support, c. Online chat, d. E-mail based support, e. Submit your support queries, f. User Manuals, g. Video Tutorials.

13. How can I see a demo of the software?

Ans. HospitalSoftwareShop.com software products demo can be seen in the following ways: a. Schedule A Demo – You may fill in a simple form to see the demo at the time convenient to your schedule, b. You may see the video demo of the product you are interested in from this link http://hospitalsoftwareshop.com/hospitalsoftwareshopvideodemo.aspx, http://hospitalsoftwareshop.com/hospitalsoftwareshopvideodemo.aspx

14. Do you provide specialized versions for different streams?

Ans. Yes, HospitalSoftwareShop.com provides software for Consulting Physicians, Cardiologists, Gastrologists, Nephrologists, Gynecologists, Ophthalmologists, Andrologists, Infertility Management Centers, Pediatricians, Orthopedicians. We customize our software products to suit the specific requirements of the following specialties:Acupuncture, Allergy, Alternative Medicine, Anaesthesia, Asthma, Audiology, Biochemistry, Cardio, Thoracic and Vascular, Surgery, Community Medicine, Consultant, Dental Surgeon, Consultant Orthodontist, Cosmetic Surgery, Dental (Prostho), Dentist, Dermatologist, Diabetology, Dietician, Endocrinology, ENT, Epidemiology, Forensic Medicine, Genetics, Haematology, Immunology, Neurology, Neurosurgery, Nuclear Medicine, Oncology, Oral Surgeon, Orthodontist, Otolaryngology, Pharmacology, Physiology, Physiotherapy, Plastic And Cosmetic Surgery, Plastic And Maxillofacial, Plastic And Microsurgeon, Plastic Surgery, Psychiatry, Radiology, Radiotherapy, Rheumatology, Sexology, Transfusion Medicine, Ultrasonology, Urology, Vascular Surgery.

15. Which is the quickest way to get support from you?

Ans. The quickest and best way to get support is Remote Support. This saves precious commuting time and related costs.

16. Do you provide user help manuals?

Ans. HospitalSoftwareShop.com provides User Help Manuals for; a. Installing the software, b. Using the software, c. Understanding modules, d. Entering the Master entry tables, e. Troubleshooting, f. Base document when the operator / user changes..